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Partnering to Foster Better Communities

Come Together Property Management


Come Together Property Management was founded in 2015. Our current area of focus is apartments, group homes and other social service operated buildings including office buildings. Our parent company, Penny Lane Centers, has been providing social services in Los Angeles since 1969 and during that time developed an expertise in matching building and maintenance needs with programmatic requirements.

At the present time, CTPM is providing property management to 10 single family homes with square footage over 17,000 square feet, a large residential facility (14,000+ square feet) and office space of over 91,000 square feet in multiple locations throughout LA County. We also provide services to 10 Apartment buildings with 174 units currently managed.



Our Address:

15305 Rayen Street

North Hills, CA, 91343


(818) 332-8100

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Come Together Property Management has approximately 25 people on staff which includes maintenance and housekeeping staff as well as a small management staff. In addition, CTPM has standing relationships with a number of outside vendors for things like gardening, HVAC work, plumbing and even construction. All of this makes it possible to respond to any need, 24/7, in a quick and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on “fixing it fast and fixing it well”.

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